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Dive into HTML and CSS - Responsive Web Design and layout Techniques

Essential Page Layout techniques with HTML5 and CSS. Learn how to build a mobile-friendly website tailored to your own design and requirements. You'll learn how to convert designs and specifications into code using cutting-edge techniques and incoporate essential page elements including column grids, image sliders and mobile navigation. Take a deep dive into Web Coding.

HTML/CSS coding courses now delivered online

Online training provides excellent opportunities for you to ask questions, and sessions can be recorded, providing you with an excellent resource to refer to following your training.

I've found that full days can be hard work for all concerned with online training, so I'm happy to split courses into shorter blocks of 2 or 3 hours, based on an hourly rate. Of course, this is all flexible, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What you will learn:

  • Planning an HTML5 document structure for a single page website.
  • Sections, headers, footers, and other HTML5 Semantic elements.
  • When to use div tags.
  • Controlling font size - fixed and fluid units.
  • Web fonts - how to use Google Fonts.
  • Creating a typography ‘pattern’ using vertical spacing.
  • Advanced CSS Selectors - descendant, classes vs. ids, pseudo selectors.
  • Colour and opacity.
  • Borders, Shadows, Rounded corners.
  • Flexbox - flexible column grids, horizontal navigation and social menus.
  • Transitions - animating CSS properties.
  • Transforms - positioning, scaling and rotating.
  • Working with background images - controlling scaling, repeat and positioning.
  • Margins and padding - essential techniques for specifying vertical and horizontal spacing.
  • Strategies for responsive web design.
  • Working with Media Queries - changing layouts based on screen size.
  • Allowing images to resize.
  • Using SVG for high-quality icons and logos.
  • Setting a maximum page width.
  • High resolution images for retina devices.
  • Contact forms.
  • Working with jQuery.
  • Using jQuery plugins for animated scroll effects, image sliders and responsive navigation.

Course Duration

This course is designed to run over 2 days, although it can be condensed into a single day depending on your requirements.

Tailored courses and workshops delivered online or face to face

Workshops are an ideal way to learn exactly the skills you need - workshops are tailored to suit your specific requirements. We use live projects as the basis for your course, so you get things done as you learn.
Workshops are charged on an hourly rate - you book the number of hours you need.
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