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Mailchimp courses

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Mailchimp courses now delivered online

These courses are particularly well suited to online delivery via video conferencing and screen sharing. I've adapted my course projects and materials to suit the format, and have delivered several highly successful online courses and webinars.

Online training provides excellent opportunities for you to ask questions, and sessions can be recorded, providing you with an excellent resource to refer to following your training.

I've found that full days can be hard work for all concerned with online training, so I'm happy to split courses into shorter blocks of 2 or 3 hours, based on an hourly rate. Of course, this is all flexible, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I'm an accredited Mailchimp Partner. Here's my page on the Mailchimp Experts Directory

My Mailchimp training courses have helped countless users get started with Mailchimp and then move beyond the basics, making the most of this powerful marketing platform. You'll learn the essentials and beyond: Audience organisation and Segmentation based on Groups, Tags and other criteria, Template Design, Personalisation with Merge Tags, Code Tweaks, Automations, Landing Pages, Signup Forms, Ads, Surveys and more. Check out the list of topics below for more information, or get in touch for a comprehensive summary.

Getting started with Mailchimp can be easy, but if you are a busy small business owner, taking things further can be a challenge. Taking a face to face class is a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an accredited expert. Get your Mailchimp account up and running at maximum efficiency while working through hands-on practical projects and examples. Gain the essential concepts and skills you’ll need to take your email marketing forwards.

A short list of topics

  • Audience management - consolidating and organising your contacts - unsubscribes, cleans, archiving contacts - how things work
  • Audience default options - essential list settings
  • Segmentation - organise your audience and send highly targeted emails
  • Groups - gather and use essential data from your contacts
  • Tags - assign CRM-style tags to contacts for powerful segmentation
  • Signup forms - design and configure a range of signup forms.
  • Template design - build eye-catching templates, even if you're not a designer!
  • Configuring a campaign - essential campaign settings
  • Customising content with Merge tags - personalise and enhance your emails
  • Automations - set up powerful workflows that run themselves
  • Landing pages - build webpages to gather new subscribers or promote a product.
  • Surveys - gather data from your contacts using survey forms
  • Basic Coding - learn simple techniques for enhancing drag and drop templates.
  • Advanced coding - learn how to code your own email templates.

You can tailor the course content and delivery format to suit your requirements - get in touch to discuss the options.

Where and how courses run

All courses are currently being delivered online.

Tailored courses and workshops

Courses can be run as customised workshops for individuals or groups. Workshops are an ideal way to learn exactly the skills you need - workshops are not restricted to a single topic, and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. We can use actual projects as the basis for your course, so you get things done as you learn. Get in touch on 0435 829 914 or Send an enquiry to find out more about tailored courses and workshops.

Reviews for Mailchimp Training Courses

"Paul was a fantastic instructor, and I was impressed with how the course content was tailored specifically to my needs and challenges. He walked me through the platform in a way that was easy to understand and relatable, while giving real world examples of how it could help grow my business. Would thoroughly recommend."

Kayla Robertson, Host, All Being Well Podcast

"It was great to have small group training with a really knowledgeable instructor who gave us the opportunity to ask questions specific to how we use Mailchimp in our role. I feel much more confident to navigate the changes to the Mailchimp platform after attending this course."

Bree Smith, Communications Coordinator, GP Training

Segmentation - organise your list and boost engagement by sending highly targeted email campaigns


Targeted, personalised email campaigns are more effective. Segmentation is a general term for organising your audience. There are many ways to do segmentation, including basing a segment on campaign activity (opens, clicks and so on), contat data such as signup source (via a website, or a landing page for example) and also Groups and Tags. These are very powerful ways of segmenting your list based on your own customised criteria. You can assign multiple tags to your contacts, for example someone could be tagged 'student' or 'member'. Groups provide a way for your contacts to select from a list of options - e.g. 'I like Sushi' or 'I like Pizza'. Check out the graphic for some examples. Let's send an email campaign telling people in Northcote about a new Sushi restaurant in their neighbourhood!

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Automation - Learn how to set up workflows that run themselves.

The most common automation is to send new subscribers a ‘welcome to my mailing list’ email. However, automations can do much more, and may be based on a range of triggers such as making a purchase, clicks on a specific link, someone joining a group, being assigned a tag and so on.

Moving forwards, you can set up complex workflows including multiple emails, and post-send actions.

With advanced Template Scripting, it's even possible to send customised content to your contacts based on their preferences.

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Signup forms - gather the information you need from your subscribers.

Signup Form

Subscriber signup forms can be presented in a number of different ways. Hosted, embedded in your web page, popup window, or via integrated plugins that work in your web builder or CMS... Whichever method you choose to use, you’ll want to customise, design and present your signup form in the best possible way and ensure that you are gathering the data you need from your subscribers.

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Template Design - learn how to design eye-catching and effective templates

Mailchimp’s drag and drop Template Designer can perform wonders. Even if you are a complete non-designer, you can learn effective techniques for designing and building your own templates with no coding.

We cover the essential design and formatting principals that will lift your templates out of the ordinary. You'll learn how apply styles to enable consistent design, and ensure your templates look modern, clean and eye-catching.

Learn how to personalise content with Merge Tags, Crop, Resize and Optimise your images, deliver downloadable files and much more.

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Additional Topics

Merge Tags
Include personalised and other custom content in your campaigns. Add a contact's name to content or subject lines, include conditional content, forward buttons and more.
Image Optimisation
Learn how to resize, crop and output high quality images while keeping file sizes down. Create high quality images that look sharp on mobile devices and high resolution screens.
Landing Pages
Build eye-catching focused webpages to gather new subscribers or promote a product.
Code tweaks
Learn just enough HTML and CSS to fix formatting issues where required and add custom elements to your campaigns such as data tables.
If you have subscribers in the EU, you may need to comply with General Data Protection Regulations.
Surveys are a brand new feature in Mailchimp, letting you create detailed questionnaires or polls. Users can select from multiple choice buttons, enter text or an email address or select scale. Survey answers can be viewed in Mailchimp, and contacts can be tagged accordingly.
Now you can build your website in Mailchimp, and connect it to your own domain!