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Training courses in Mailchimp, Web Design, Web Development, Photoshop and Illustrator. Expert Consultancy and Development.

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Web Development training courses delivered live online

I use a highly succesful mix of demonstration, presentation and hands-on projects. Session recordings provide you with excellent reference materials. You have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and explore areas of interest.

New 'bootcamp' Web Development courses. I've been running Short Courses in Web Development at RMIT University in Melbourne since 2015. These courses have now been discontinued, so I've decided to offer my own courses as a direct replacement. The new Level 1 and Level 2 Web Development courses both consist of 10 x 2-hour live online sessions, delivered over 5 weeks.

New Level 1 Web Development course - 20 hours live online course

This course provides a direct replacement for the discontinued RMIT Web Development Level 1 course. Aimed at complete beginners, this course covers a wide range of topics, including HTML and CSS coding, Web Graphics, SEO, Web Hosting, basic JavaScript, and much more. Learn essential skills, and build your own mobile friendly web site from scratch!

New Level 2 Web Development course - 20 hours live online course

This is aimed at people who have completed the Level 1 Web Development course and want to take things further, but anyone can attend! You just need to have some existing basic skills in HTML/CSS coding. This course covers Advanced CSS Layout techniques including Flexbox and CSS Grid, JavaScript, SASS and more. The first course will begin in early February 2021. The course costs $900 AUD. If this sounds amazing, get in touch!

Courses can also be run privately and can be tailored to your requirements - cover just the topics you want. get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Training Courses in Web Development, Mailchimp, Photoshop and Illustrator

Courses and Workshops that cover the topics you require and give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.
Your journey starts here.

Up and Running with Mailchimp

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Learn how to do everything in Mailchimp. Organise your Audience with intelligent Segmentation, gather information from your contacts, create great looking templates, personalise and optimise your campaigns, set up automations that market while you sleep, build Landing Pages, Signup forms, even build a website! Learn with an accredited Mailchimp Expert Partner.

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Web coding for beginners

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An essential introduction to HTML and CSS. Learn how websites work, and gain the confidence to dive into the code. Format text, add links, images and more. Whether you want to edit or add content to your company website, work with a CMS or if you are just starting your journey to becoming a web developer, this course will get you coding with confidence.

HTML & CSS Coding - A Deep Dive

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Learn Essential Page Layout and Responsive Web Design techniques with HTML5 and CSS. Learn how to build a mobile-friendly website tailored to your own design and requirements. Convert designs into code using cutting-edge techniques and incoporate essential page elements including column grids, image sliders and mobile navigation. Take a deep dive into Web Coding.

CSS Grid and Flexbox - Advanced techniques

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This one is for coders who want to leverage the latest and most powerful CSS layout and design modules. You'll learn how and when to combine Flexbox and Grid to create complete page layouts, navigation, UI and media elements that would previously have been impossible. Cutting edge stuff!


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There really isn't another application that does what Photoshop can do. From resizing and optimising images for the Web, through to photographic retouching, digital design and composition, Photoshop does it all. Edit images or start with a blank canvas and let your imagination run free. Photoshop has rightly become the industry standard for digital imaging, and is an essential skill.


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Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector artwork. It's a 'must have' skill in many creative industries, providing an unparalled set of tools and features for web design, technical illustration, page layouts, UX/UI design, typography and much more. You'll learn the key techniques and skills that will let you get the most out of this incredibly powerful application.


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Adobe Animate is Adobe's longstanding Rich Media and Animation platform. With it's sophisticated animation capabilities and easy interactions, Animate is a great solution for building eye-catching HTML5 Banner Ads.

Onsite Workshops

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Workshops are tailored sessions that fit to your learning and development requirements. Workshops can include multiple topics and applications. Work on real projects, ask as many questions as you like, get things done, and learn while doing.

Call on 0435 829 914 or Send an enquiry to talk about pricing, locations and how a workshop can be the ideal solution for your training and development needs.

Consultancy, Development and Marketing services

Managed Marketing

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Not everyone has the time or resources to do their own marketing. We offer a complete package, with Mailchimp's marketing CRM at the center of operations. Email, integrated ad campaigns, social posting, landing pages and content creation are just the beginning. Get in touch to find out how we can help..

Email Template Coding

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Often, the design and layout capabilities of 'drag and drop' template builders are limited in terms of flexibility and options.

I design and code email templates that are fully editable and compatible with Mailchimp and other platforms. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch. I'll be happy to send you some examples of my template work.

Mailchimp Consultancy & Development

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I'm a Mailchimp Partner and accredited Mailchimp expert. Here's my Page on the Mailchimp Experts Directory. I can help with all aspects of Mailchimp up to and including managing your account and sending out Email Campaigns on your behalf.

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